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Posted by Linda Masanimptewa on April 26, 2014 at 5:00 PM

During a recent haunted lock down event held on April 25, 2014 at The Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, NV, I had a chance to witness a possible physical manipulation of an object from spirit energy.  As we were sitting in the memorial room getting started with spirit communication, Noel Sheckells the caretaker of the saloon started to tell us of an event he witnessed while at a paracon event in Virginia city, NV the week before.  He stated he watched a man who had worked with spirit for many years put a pen with a clip top onto a table and ask spirit to move the object.  Noel stated suddenly the pen started to roll to  one side and then back, even though it had that clip holder on the cap.  "It kept rolling!" Noel exclaimed out loud.  He was totally amazed at this event.  So he said he was going to try to something new this evening.  He brought out a can of V-8 juice and placed it on the table.  It sat there a few minutes as Noel asked for any spirit if they could possibly move or roll the can either direction.  We all sat there intently watching the can as it was still.  Suddenly, the can started roll and it rolled a good 6 inches in one direction from a total stand still position.  I was in shock as was all the other patrons there.  Some of the people let out a loud gasp as we witnessed this incredible feat in front of us.  We wanted to see the event again but the spirit energy had left and the can didn't roll again.  

To skeptics, the can rolling incident probably was just someone hitting the table a little bit and that is what made the can roll, but I was there watching and I did not see anyone touching the table while it was moving.  Later as we were sitting at a table in the main bar, Jill, an employee and event member placed a ghost meter device on the table for communication purposes and I saw with my own eyes the meter suddenly move on it's own.  It was pointed away from Jill and I, but after it was done sliding, it was pointed towards me!   You could hear it sliding on the wooden table.  I was in shock again.  I have never seen this occur when someone had asked for it to happen.  

During the last part of the lock down we enter into the ladies' restroom because there are accounts of people hearing someone crying or sobbing in there.  We went in to see if we could find out who was doing this crying.  As we, half the lock down guests, were standing there, the room didn't seem to have any spirit energy present.  It was really still and quiet for a few minutes until suddenly the ghost meter started to blink.  This indicates there is someone nearby in spirit.  After a few questions, we came to the conclusion that it was 'Veronica'.  A female spirit who was apparently a prostitute (working girl) who had passed away nearby or in the saloon.  Noel had asked if she wanted to leave the place and I believe the ghost meter light indicated yes.  Noel then asked if she were afraid to 'go into the light' and the light said yes.  He then told her that God would forgive her and all she had to do was ask for forgiveness.  After about a minute the light suddenly went off and I could feel she did indeed leave.  Another patron standing next to Noel tried to call her back but she never indicated she was present.  

I believe 'Veronica' may have gone into the light or in other words a soul ascension had occurred.  During all the previous lock downs the spirits weren't asking for help of this kind.  I believe they only wanted to tell their messages.  This was the first time during one of these lock downs that such a spiritual event had taken place.  I

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