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Communicating with the Spirits

Posted by Linda Masanimptewa on April 10, 2016 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Since taking part in paranormal events from Las Vegas to Virginia City I have noticed many others who try to communicate with spirits using devices such as a spirit box or Ovilus.  Many of these devices are good for real time possible answers from the dead even though it's sometimes very inaudible or not easily understood as to what the spirit is trying to communicate to us.  Being a sensitive however the use of such devices sometimes has hindered me in trying to fully comprehend what the passed soul is trying to convey to me.  My 'quiet mind' will be totally still when the spirit box is turned on so I can attempt to understand what is being emoted from the radio sweeping.   Many other sensitives that I know have also told me this happens when you start to use mechanical devices to communicate with the spirits.  

My sensitive abilities are still there and good to go but for some of the events I have or spirit has put them at a I can fully experience the use of such ITC devices.  I am believing that I needed to have such devices on my forever journey into the paranormal world so I can fully understand where all peoples' opinions are coming from.  To only learn one facet (psychic) and to not leave the door open to other options (devices) is very small minded of me.   This world is a many faceted plane involving many different aspects of spirit communication...and to close the door on one of those facets seems to make my journey less knowing.  I really want to experience many when dealing with the paranormal and so here I am writing this blog.  I am not sure exactly which road to take as far as communications.  Do I continue using only the mechanical devices I have to communicate with the dead or do I stop and go with my intuitive and mediumship abilities?  I have been wondering about this recently as I continue to go to the Pioneer Saloon for their lock down events.  Am I slowly neglecting my sensitive abilities and eventually losing them totally  because I rely so heavily on the spirit box, voice recorder and other devices for understanding the messages given to me?  I don't want to lose any abilities but want to increase the ability.  

I really don't know myself yet as to what I am going to do about this all.  I may slow down in the use of the spirit box to see if my abilities have become stronger or is waning away.  Hopefully they are not going to the wayside as I continue my psychic journey with devices in tow.  

- photo above taken during a Haunted Lock Down event at the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, NV. -

Many Answers Leads to Many More Questions

Posted by Linda Masanimptewa on July 20, 2015 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

As I have been going to many 'haunted' locations to find evidence of spirit activity...many answers to my questions have been told.  But these answers have led to more questions and taking me back to square one.  Recently I did a private home walk through for a family or specifically one man's experience with ghosts.  When I entered the home I didn't feel any omnious feelings of was just the opposite.  I felt a comforting emotion prevalent throughout the house.  It could be from the residents living here but more so from the many spirits we later found to be occupying this home too.  

After a short talk with the home owners and the older gentleman who was having all the experiences, we walked back into his room where he said his bed had shook one night and  had awakened him.  He stated it felt like many people had crawled under his bed and that made it shake, "As many as 12" he said with gasp.   As I took photos and started my voice recorder, I caught a female voice responding to what we were discussing.  Before I had entered this house, a friend who called me about this gentleman's experiences was telling me a little bit of what was going on.  I suddenly had an image of a older female who was a little over weight and had her hair pulled back into a bun.  This image kept going over and over in my head as my friend was telling me about the house.  Was the female spirit who was recorded the same as the one who was projecting her image into my mind?  If so, was my being in their  home preplanned or predetermined by an external spirit energy who wanted me there?

I know some have theorized that spirit/ghost energy can and will enter your minds to tell you a message.  And from experience, I know they can.  I have had this occur several times before going to a new place that is spirit active.  When I get images though, I don't immediately know why or who is sending them to me until I arrive at the place.  As I walk around the surroundings feel familiar or I will see something in the area that gives me a trigger reminder.  As if the spirit has left me with a blip of information so I will know what I am  sensing is for real and not my imagination or something that a person had told me beforehand.   Precognizant abilities...but is it really me or spirit putting these images into my head?   I have yet to be able to tell the difference.  Information does come from all places not just from myself when it comes to 'sensitive' abilities.  

The family was relieved especially the older gentleman to find out through the use of the spirit box all of the experiences he was having was not due to a dark entity but of several who had come to this house to be a protective force for him and his family.   The spirits really wanted to just let him know he  has a support team in the spirit realm and they were there watching over him.  I was told later by my friend that the gentleman had a very restful sleep that night.  She said he wasn't disturbed by any ghost activity all night and was happy again.    Not all hauntings are dark and disturbing.