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Be careful of what you wish for.  Recenly I was on a Facebook page that had paranormal evidence in the form of photos and I posted a comment there saying that I wish I had some kind of evidence on film or EVP.  I thought that is was all cool stuff.  Then shortly after this, I went and bought a digital camera.  I was testing it out around the home I live in and suddenly I saw something in the window.  It looked like a face to me!!  It was whitish and had a trail going out from the bottom of the face.  So I posted this photo in a group that I am in on Facebook to ask anyone their opinions on this. 

Almost everyone was picking up on children faces in the window.  A friend ask me to let a paranormal investigations team to look at it and give me their opinions as well.  She came back with yes!  There are faces in my window and most look very yound like children.  It's still all cool, but a little eerie.  But watch what  you wish for, it may happen. :)


All things unknown are not evil and sinister.  :D

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