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my husband and I went together for six and a half years before we got married, I just found out I was pregnant and I  had two children from my first husband. Tommy age 9 and Amy age 7. We lived in an apartment that was to small with the baby coming so my sister had told my husband and I about a old farm house right down the road from her. The rent was only 90.00 a month and there were no neighbor's at all. So we went out to look at the house, my reaction to this house was , "You are not really serious about moving in here are you?" He was. He loved the fact that he could hunt, fish and no one around except my sister and she lived a mile down the road. My two children cried all the way home, they did not want to move in that house. It looked spooky for one and I knew it had to have mice and I hate mice. Well we moved in to the house and started settling in to our new surroundings, it wasn't to bad, once you hung up curtains and cleaned and scrubed the walls and floors, it just stayed so cold day and night and this was August. One morning after  the kids went to school and my husband went to work, I sat down on the  couch and started watching T.V.  The house was quiet and all of a sudden above me I could hear foot-steps, slowly walking across the floor. I jumped up and ran outside and sat there on the ground staring up at the window trying to see if I could se anyone, but I couldn't.  I just knew someone had to broken into the house thinking it was still empty.  I got my nerve up and went back into the house, got my husband's gun and crept upstairs with my finger on the trigger the whole time. Looked around the two bedrooms that my kids were sleeping in and found nothing. I went back down stairs and called my mother and she said "You need not worry about the dead, you need to worry more about the living. That afternoon when my husband came home from work I told him about it and he said it was squirrels. No chance, but we just seemed to forget about it. A week later I gave birth to my daughter and was up all hours of the night and one night I could hear a man and two women talking,upstairs, you couldn't make out what they were saying, it was muffled. but I thought the kids must have left the T.V. on.  I went upstairs and both kids sound asleep. The next morning I  told my husband about it and he just shrugged it off as one of the kids was talking in their sleep.  As the months passed and the house staying colder I woke up one morning with both kids asleep on the couch. Both kids said they woke up to an elder woman standing over them, They were upset. My husband still didn't believe anything, until he woke me up at 3:15 in the morning and complaining  that the kids left the T.V. on upstairs. He went up and came back down and said"It's off and cool". We didn't talk about it for awhile. Then strange things started happening like my daughter running down stairs crying and telling me that she stacked her home work on the dresser and all of a sudden it was like someone just picked  up the stack of papers and tossed them into the air. If that wasn't enough to raise the hair on the back of your neck, my husband and I woke up to a real loud BAM!  I knew both of my kids were at their father's for the week-end . My husband had a set of weights on a weight stand and he thought they had fell, The next morning the weights were still on the stand. Needless to say we moved out after a year to a big beautiful house. I was so glad to be away from that house because I knew it was haunted.  Then something strange was happening to me, I was wanting to go out and drive 20 miles to that house and sit in the drive way and just stare at the house and I I don't know why . I must have done this a thousand times through the years. Then I finally stopped  driving out there but it was years later. Then the summer of 2009 a psychic investigator called me and asked me if I experienced anything paranormal .  The family that was living there was having some problems and thought it to be haunted. He did some research and found that "The battle of the Guildford county courthouse".  had taken place there. That wasn't all, their was an under ground tunnel  under the house that lead some where, I didn't want to know any more. It was right then I became terrified. He asked me if I wanted to review the tapes and listen to some EVP's but I refused, I didn't want to know what I was living with. , but I did want to research the paranormal and I wanted answers to why I was . so drawn to that house. I do know that my kids and myself were  Christians(Baptist) and we all have been baptized. I really think that played a key role in to my family being protected against any thing that was there .


Connie Lee Johnson

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Linda Masanimptewa
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:oWow, that was a haunted home.  I don't know what I would do if I lived in such a haunted house with all tha activity going on.  My haunting only happened because my dad was about to die and I thought that was all of his family members running around the our house ready to meet him when he transitioned.  


That would be pretty interesting though to find out what that underground tunnel was used for and where it went.  Maybe it was used for slaves trying to escape the south and slavery?   But this haunting was pretty spooky. :)


All things unknown are not evil and sinister.  :D

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