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I thought I would start a new discussion about 'shadow people'.  For the most part shadow people are not evil beings that are going to take your life away.  Most from what I have experienced is that they are passed family members that are around you but don't have enough 'strength' to manifest detailed facial features.  Not all spirits or ghosts look like the ones in movies.  They come in all shapes and degrees.  Some people have thought that shadows are never good but it's actually not that way. 


When I do photo reads, the spirits look like shadows to me that are around the person in the photo.  But some have facial features and  others don't so I rely heavily on emotions and thoughts that come into my head about who that spirit may be.  And sometimes the positioning of the spirit to the person in the photo also influences what relationship they had with the living, be it uncle or father.  But thought I would let anyone who has an opinion on this topic to comment.  :)


All things unknown are not evil and sinister.  :D

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